iPhone Alarm Glitch: Taking It Too Serious? Let’s Make Fun of It!

January 4, 2011, By Alex Ion

Most of you out there know that the iPhone 4 suffered a glitch in the first few days of the year that prevented the alarm to go off. While people were late to work and some lost the plane, they still had the power to joke about it. From sarcasm to simply making fun of the fact that the iPhone wasn’t capable of having them wake up, these are some of the best we found out.

  • iPhone Alarm Glitch Update: Until further notice, Apple recommends going to sleep with someone who owns a Droid. [link]
  • Apple Cancels Press Conference on iPhone Alarm Glitch after Steve Jobs Oversleeps [link]
  • The iPhone right now is like Palin: looks good, but an important part doesn’t work. [link]
  • Due to the iPhone alarm glitch, the Cleveland Browns did not wake up until 45 minutes after the game. [link]
  • iPhone Glitch Update: Apple has fixed the alarm, but it now plays “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley. [link]
  • iPhone alarm glitch almost fixed. Julian Assange has been working on it. [link]
  • My iPhone alarm did not wake me up, but fortunately, douchebags staying next to me at DoubleTree did. [link]
  • Apple Offers iPhone Alarm Fix: Tape your iPhone to a working alarm clock [link]

Brilliant! Eh? This Borowitz guy is amazing. He just made my day 🙂

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