Casio Tryx Camcorder Leaks on Way to CES 2011; Appears in Ads

January 4, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

CES is turning out to be big and has been generating fabulous interest even before the event has started rolling. Several manufacturers have started arriving with their wares and it looks like 2011 is off to a great started.

Casio is one among the many who have lined up their new devices for the show. The company’s new camcorder, christened Tryx, is expected to charm audiences at the CES venue and gadget freaks are just waiting to lay their hands on the device.

However, the device managed to slip out of the box much before Casio wanted it to, when details of the Tryx leaked in the form of advertisements.

The Tryx was spotted in ad spaces on the Las Vegas Convention Center, just ahead of CES. And man, the device we got to see is amazing!

Built with a unique housing that has dual hinges, the camcorder boasts of a frame that rotates on the camera head.

This means users will be able to hold the camera or set it on a surface sans a tripod.  Meanwhile, the other hinge lets you connect the device head to a display that turns 180 degrees so as to enable facing the same direction as the lens.

We are sure there’s lot more to be revealed. Going by the leaked ads, we guess we should look forward to seeing the device as soon as it is revealed at CES 2011. A couple of days away, the CES 2011 opening is what we are targeting to see.

Casio will bring to the podium the Tryx, along with a detailed listing of the specs and the pricing.  The camcorder with all the versatile traits will arrive soon, we hope, on retail too.

Watch this space as we go looking for some amazing stuff that will adorn the CES 2011 showcase in just a matter of hours.

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