MSI Butterfly & Angelow Concepts to Add Strength to All-in-One Desktops Line Up at CES 2011

January 3, 2011, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

They have been nicknamed Butterfly and Angelow. The new concept desktops from MSI have been revealed early, as they head for CES 2011. The devices, which form part of the new line of the company’s all-in-one Wind Top desktops, promise to bring about a new scenario in computing. Or, MSI thinks so.

Though not many details have been revealed ahead of the CES that gets underway in a few days from now, we get to understand that the Butterfly concept would come with 10-point multi-touch sliding LCD. If you are one of those PC freaks who always thought a static monitor can be so boring, this is for you.

You will be able to slide the LCD as per your convenience and then bring it back to its normal position for mouse and keyboard use. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile,  the MSI Angelow concept comes across as a more straightforward design. However, you would get to play with some upscale components. We are just waiting to know what MSI has hid under the Angelow and Butterfly hood.

Apart from these new innovative devices, MSI has also lined up conventional all-in-one desktops for the show. All these devices will have updates and will house either Intel’s Sandy Bridge or AMD’s Fusion platforms. Among these conventional devices will be the 22-inch AE220 and 24-inch AE2410 which deploy second-generation Intel Core chips.

These desktops will also come with DirectX 11-capable integrated graphics to run 1080p touchscreen displays. This comes about as a significant move, considering that Intel’s design has hitherto supported only DirectX 10.

Look forward to CES 2011, where MSI will lift the wraps of these updated devices.

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