How to Setup a Hotmail Account in Outlook 2010

January 3, 2011, By Christian Cawley

Hotmail users tired of switching applications between Windows Live Mail and Outlook can take advantage of the Outlook Connector component of the Windows Live Essentials 2011 package in order to access their web-based email account from the Outlook 2010 application.

This additional functionality will enable contacts and calendar information to be displayed within Outlook as well as email messages, and proves a more usable desktop interface to the service than either a browser windows or Windows Live Mail.

Setting up a Hotmail account in Outlook first requires that the Windows Live Essentials installer is downloaded and the Outlook Connector Pack selected for install. Once this is added to a PC running Microsoft Outlook 2010, you may proceed with setting up and using your Windows Live/Hotmail account via Outlook.

Setup a Hotmail account in Outlook 2010

Setup a Hotmail Account with the Outlook Connector Pack

To setup your Hotmail account in Outlook on a system with the Outlook Connector Pack installed, go to File > Add Account and use the Auto Account Setup screen to input your email account details – you should need only your name, email account and password to hand.

Once these details are entered, click Next and the account will be setup on your computer. Click Finish to continue and view your Hotmail/Windows Live account on your PC.

The account will be accessible via the left-hand pane, where it can be expanded and the Inbox opened. Any other folders you have in your Hotmail account will also be displayed, and using the standard Outlook tools you can create a New E-mail, Reply, Reply All and Forward messages, Move messages to different folders (you can also drag them) and even mark messages for Follow Up, Categorize messages and mark them Unread/Read.

Hotmail Contacts in Microsoft Outlook 2010

There is more than just email available for Hotmail users taking advantage of the Outlook Connector Pack – contacts are also synced with the desktop mail client, and these are accessed via the Contacts menu in the lower left corner.

The default view will reveal little; under My Contacts in the left pane, select Contacts – [YOUR HOTMAIL ACCOUNT] where you should find your Hotmail contacts listed in the default Business Card format which can be changed for the alternative and more readable List view.

Using the Contacts screen you can add a New Contact as well as create a New Contact Group, as well as send an E-mail or send a Meeting request by first selecting one or multiple contacts and using the tools in the Communicate section of the Home tab.

View Your Hotmail Calendar with Microsoft Outlook 2010

In addition to email and contacts you can also access your Hotmail calendar in Microsoft Outlook 2010. This is available via the Calendar button in Outlook, where it will be listed under My Calendars.

Appointments added here will be almost instantly synced with your Hotmail account on the web, while anything added via the web or a Windows Phone will similarly be instantly added into your Outlook calendar.

All of the usual calendar tools can be used with your Hotmail calendar in Outlook, from adding a New Appointment to using the Email Calendar function.

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