Kinect May Be The Cause of Scratched Discs

January 1, 2011, By Nicholas Davis

Microsoft’s Kinect is a marvelous piece of technology that allows you to be the controller. Trying to find the device during the holiday season was a tough task. The lucky consumers who were fortunate enough to purchase one may be in for an unlucky surprise when they realize their disc ends up scratched within a mere coupe of hours.

For an unlucky gamer playing Kinect Adventures his 360 went from running silently to rumbling to the sound of his disc clattering in his Xbox. Upon ejecting the game he found a scratch around the outside of his disc.

People have been experiencing this problem of scratches around their disc ever since the 360 released. Turning the console while the disc is running is a sure way to accomplish this scratch. How does it happen if your 360 is stationary? Xbox 360’s are made with a relatively cheap disc drive that allows vibration from your feet to move that disc drive ever so slightly. Mix this with Kinect’s constant requirement to move and jump around and you have a scratched disc.

If your 360 is on wooden floors then expect the vibration from your feet to be stronger since carpet somewhat absorbs vibration. There have been over a million reports of this happening since Kinect has released a few short months ago.

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