Donate a Million Dollars on New Year’s Eve 2011: Will Wikipedia reach $16 million goal before the New Year comes in?

December 31, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Everyone who searches for stuff on net taps into the vast bank of Wikipedia. There are many folk that we have known whose entire knowledge is based on their internet functioning and access to Wikipedia. It is something that is not just out there to bail you out from an occasional tough spot and give you ‘free’ info when needed, but it is plenty of fun as well. That is exactly why people love to come back and get lost in the Wikipedia maze of information!

The Fund Raiser campaign they started on November 13, 2010 is well-known by now with the banner on top of every Wikipedia page asking you to donate to keep it free. The $16 Million goal was set for a ‘two month period’, but it could be well-achieved before the New Year comes in (US Time of course!) Wikipedia now say that they have $15 million in the bag and are just a million away.

So a million dollars, if donated on New Year’s Eve 2011 will help Wikipedia achieve their goal in 2010 itself! Yup, I know exactly what you are thinking and yes I did donate. I admit, not much, but something and according to the latest banner just $5 from each of you will do. Why Donate? To keep it free obviously and give back in your own little way to ensure you can continue to use the Wikipedia knowledge-base… Spread the word.

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