Verizon iPhone could be unveiled by Apple on Valentine’s Day: CDMA iPhone on Verizon to take the fizz out of CES 2011?

December 30, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Do you happen to be in love with Apple products? Are you head over heels for the iPhone? Do you have dreams about an elusive Verizon iPhone and that too an iPhone clad in all white? Does the prospect of an iPhone on Verizon Wireless give you… Okay, we will not finish that since we are all about going PG! But seriously, if all that is true, then this Valentine’s Day Steve Jobs might end up giving you the ultimate present (That and you really need some professional help!). But for all those just waiting for the Verizon iPhone, the official announcement and then the release may not be long away anymore!

The talk about the Verizon iPhone has been going on endlessly and we did predict an official announcement in January. That could still happen with a couple of weeks give and take. The reason is that Apple is trying to unveil both the Verizon CDMA iPhone 4 and the iPad 2 and both the official announcements are big events by themselves. There is no need for Apple to club the events as each would garner world-wide press all by themselves.

Apple would surely like to space the events out sufficiently and obviously the classy dude that Mr. Jobs is, he will try and blow CES 2011 out of the water and try to make it meaningless with one of the two big announcements coming maybe just 10 days after Consumer Electronics Show.

Either way, expect mid-February to April period to get all exciting for both Apple and those waiting for Verizon iPhone as well as the iPad 2… More so now with Skype iPhone Video Calling!

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