Skype iPhone Video Calling App: Shattering your monthly Data Plan in a single hour with 3.4MB used up each minute!

December 30, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

We already made it very clear in our initial review yesterday that there was no point in using the Skype iPhone Video Calling App over 3G networks unless you really need to and here are some initial stats that should prove the fact to you. Making a video call using the new Skype App on your iPhone 4 or iPad will see 3.4 MB of data being used up in just 1 minute. The breakdown shows that 1.3 MB was sent and 2.1MB received in a single minute of video call on the iPhone 4.

This is exactly why Skype did suggest that you use a strong Wi-Fi network to make the calls instead of 3G as that would really burn a huge hole in your pocket at this point of time. Considering the scenario in the US is a good way to look at it. If you are using the iPhone 4, you are obviously on one of AT&T data plans. If you happen to be on a 200MB monthly plan, then that gets blown up in a matter of an hour’s video calling!

So, for everyone out there who are overly enthusiastic about trying it, do be careful before you blow up a monthly plan in an hour. It is a great app indeed but we still strongly recommend you use it in a Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi fashion for now.

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