Sharp Galapagos Media Tablets to Hit the US eReader Market in 2011 with 3G & EPUB Content

December 30, 2010, By Leo Xavier

You might already know that Sharp had launched its Galapagos media tablets in Japan recently. The company had also launched its Galapagos content service there. Now it appears that the company has plans for expanding to other markets around the world as well.

At first Sharp will be launching the service and its devices on the US eReader market in the coming year. The company is looking to secure book publishers and content providers, and content will be provided in the EPUB file format (in Japan it is XMDF).

And you might know that the Galapagos eReaders that are sold in Japan are WiFi only. But those that will be launched in the US will be equipped with 3G.

The company is also looking into introduce its 5.5 inch and 10.8 inch tablets to China, India, and Brazil, right after the US launch.

Just in case you are anxious about the device that is probably headed your way, the 5.5 inch eReader has a TFT LED display, runs Android, and comes with 8GB of storage via a microSDHC card.

The 10.8 inch model has the same TFT LED display but with a higher resolution. The device also has the same storage capacity as that of the smaller model.

So are planning to play with one of the new devices when it hits a store near you?

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