Nook Color becomes Barnes & Noble’s All-Time Best Seller: Color becomes famous as a Do-It-All 7-inch Android Tablet after getting rooted!

December 30, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Maybe Barnes & Noble will admit to the fact, but it is thanks to all those hackers who have worked overtime that Nook Color has become Barnes & Noble’s all-time best seller and was the hottest thing they sold this Holiday Season. Sales of Nook Color shot up in the pre and post Christmas period to make it the biggest hit coming from the company ever! (Weird that they released this news just after Amazon told the world that their Kindle was the best-selling Amazon product ever!).

This is surely more believable than Amazon’s claim that the Kindle was their all-time best. With all the CDs/DVDs and various things they do sell, it is somewhat hard to believe. In case of Barnes & Noble and Nook Color, the fact seems closer to the truth. (Despite official numbers being kept under wraps) It is believable because you can just root the Nook Color and then use it as a 7-inch Android Tablet and that is something that we consider as a real luxury at the price it comes.

The rooting is easy, takes very little time and technical skill and really allows you to run any Android app of the eReader. In short, you are getting a 7-inch Android tablet for a bargain and if you wish you can even run Kindle eReader on it. That makes the Color a very attractive and wise buy. Android games, apps, eBooks and a whole lot have made the Color a ‘Colorful gift’ for this holiday season.

No surprise then that thanks to all those who rooted it with ease the Nook Color has made Barnes & Noble plenty of cash than it would have otherwise!

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