Korean College Student Dies after 12 hour gaming session

December 30, 2010, By Christian Davis

We hear about these gaming related deaths far too often. A young kid gets too involved in a game and dies from excessive playing. Usually, the gamer neglects essential habits for survival such as eating, using the restroom, or sleeping. This incident is a tad different from those.

The 19 year old college student, known as “Moon”, went to his local internet cafe and played a first person shooter for 12 hours. He started the gaming marathon at 2 a.m. and then took a break at 10:30am to eat breakfast. This is where the story is different from others. He actually took a break from the game to eat, use the restroom, etc… He then began playing again around 2 p.m. A considerable break for a gamer.

He collapsed shortly after he began his session again and was pronounced dead when he got to the hospital. In this instance it seems that the gamer could have been suffering from health issues before this day. Someone who plays a game for 12 hours, then takes a break, then continues again simply wouldn’t die.

Cops are investigating the death.

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