iPhone 5, iPad 2 & iPod Touch 5G iOS5 GeoHot Jailbreak to be called Rubyra1n: George Hotz registers domain name to unlock next-gen Apple gadgets!

December 30, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Somewhere behind those huge shiny doors in the Apple headquarters Steve Jobs is fuming. Despite this being not the biggest news going around and this being the holiday season, you would still expect jailbreak plans for Apple gadgets set to some in the future is a topic that is bound to get under the skin of Apple’s top boss. Well, either way, it is always good to keep a tab on what is trickling out of Twitter these days (As every major news and launch seems to be coming from there) and the latest from Twitter that has caught our eye is the announcement regarding GeoHot’s next big plan.

George Hotz is far from calling it a day and hanging up his ‘jailbreaking’ spree anytime soon as he has already registered for the domain name of Rubyra1n- Surely the name for the jailbreak of next generation iOS- iOS5. That is right mate, even as Apple is busy Designing iOS 5 (that will most likely come out on iPhone 5 & iPad 2), it seems that GeoHot is already planning on breaking in. Understandable though, as we all got to do our jobs!!

The interesting thing is that GeoHot has made no attempt at hiding the domain registration process (he probably feels that any press is good press) and there is little doubt that this is all in preparation for the iOS5 jailbreak. With the hype (both good and bad) that Limera1n generated, there was no way that GeoHot was going away anytime soon… Well, this time we hope he makes a more sensible release!

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