iPad production being cut down by Apple to make way for iPad 2 Release: iPad 2 all set to hit stores come April?

December 30, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

We already told you what you can expect from Apple regarding the iPad 2 and while quite obviously that is not by any means certain, it will be more close to reality than most others might tell you. We did wonder about the release date of the iPad 2 and while some have predicted that a late January or early February release is possible, there is absolutely no necessity for Apple to rush things. More so when the existing model of iPad is still going out hot and there are many takers despite the next version being around the corner.

The thinking from Apple will be “To milk the model dry before the next one hits the stores”. Taking that into consideration, the iPad 2 could well hit stores in April 2011. While there are those out there who feel that iPad 2 could come a lot further down the line, the fact that Apple has asked production of iPad to be cut down gradually is an indication that a late Spring Release is due.

While there were 2.1 million iPad units produced in November, Apple has asked that to be reduced to 1.6 million in December. Apple seem to be gradually cutting down on the production even further and while an iPad 2 announcement could come as early as this January, they will only hits stores in mid or even late April.

So, if you wish to get an iPad, we strongly suggest you hold on for a couple of months and take a look at iPad 2. If you love it- great and if you don’t, then the original iPad will anyway be cheaper once the next version comes out. Yup, win-win situation there!!

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