iPad 2 to come in 3 hot new flavors: Apple lines up a tasty treat with WiFi, GSM & CDMA versions of second-generation iPad!

December 30, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

The CDMA iPhone has been no doubt a talking point, but how about extending that logic a bit further and getting a CDMA Verizon iPad 2 as well? Sounds, far-fetched? Not at all, say industry insiders and those who are flowing Apple’s shipment orders carefully. In fact, many believe that it is the most logical step forward as bringing an end to AT&T monotony on the iPhone will automatically extend to the iPad as well. That obviously indicates that an CDMA iPad 2 must be in the making too!

The news though is not that startling considering that the next-generation of iPad is due for release in a few months time and Apple would surely do well to get GSM, Wi-Fi & and that much sought after CDMA version out as well. If that indeed happens in 2011, expect AT&T to take a huge blow and Verizon Wireless to take a giant step forward in the ‘battle of the networks’ in the US.

While initially Apple will obviously struggle to match the surge in demand of the CDMA iPad 2, the supply is slated to increase down the road and there will be enough of these units for everyone by late next year. With Apple-Verizon tie-up now locked in for sure (Only the official announcement is due), expect both the CDMA iPhone 4 and CDMA iPad 2 to keep Apple revenue up in 2011

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