Free Push Email for Windows Phone 7

December 30, 2010, By Christian Cawley

Windows Phone 7 brings the most up to date and slick mobile user interface to a series of quality devices from HTC, Samsung and LG. Replacing the archaic Windows Mobile platform, Windows Phone 7 feature media syncing, an online marketplace for music and apps and a dynamic that enables users to perform common tasks quickly and easily.

Several features are carried over from Windows Mobile, notably the ability to receive push email. Normally this is done with an Exchange email account, but this is only possible for business users.

So how might a non-corporate user access push email in Windows Phone 7?

Windows Live on Windows Phone 7Push Email with Windows Live

The answer is via Windows Live.

Windows Phone 7 features support for a variety of email account types, from personal web-based email to Google Mail, and within that spectrum comes Windows Live.

Indeed, Windows Live is central to Windows Phone 7, providing users with access to the Marketplace, their Xbox LIVE accounts and acting as one of the main sources of contacts in the People hub (along with Google Mail and Facebook).

In addition to push email, Windows Phone 7 can also sync with a Windows Live calendar and respond to agenda items.

Setting Up Push Email in Windows Phone 7

To add your Windows Live email account and enjoy push email in Windows Phone 7, go to Start > Settings.

Here, look for Email & Accounts and choose Add an Account > Windows Live. Add your email address and password and click Sign In. Within moments your email account will be accessible from the Start screen of your Windows Phone 7, and new emails will soon be downloaded.

However by default, a Windows Live account in Windows Phone 7 doesn’t push messages to your device; instead it synchronises every 30 minutes. In order to change this you must go to your Start screen, view the email inbox and at the menu at the bottom of the display (signified by three ellipses “…”) go to Settings > Synchronisation Settings.

Look for the Download new content setting and tap the default option to display the menu. Select as items arrive and tap Done (a tick or check) to confirm.

Using the Windows Live Calendar in Windows Phone 7

Once your Windows Live account is setup with your Windows Phone 7, you will be able to synchronise your calendar. You can confirm this in Start > Settings > Email & Accounts – where your Windows Live account is listed, you should see email, contacts, calendar, photos, feeds listed.

To access your Windows Live calendar on a Windows Phone 7 handset, go to Start > Calendar; if you had any items in your Windows Live calendar, browse this view to find them. If there are no items listed already, click the + button to add a new one. Synchronization should be pretty much instantaneous, and you will be able to login to your Windows Live Calendar in your browser to check the new item has been added!

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