T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Latest Promotional Video Makes it a Point to Continue Ridiculing AT&T & Apple iPhone 4

December 29, 2010, By Leo Xavier

T-Mobile is at it again! The carrier has gone all out again to launch an attack against rival AT&T and the Apple iPhone 4 on its network. As has been the case with their previous advertisements, T-Mobile continues to be on ridicule mode and has unleashed its new T-Mobile myTouch 4G advertisement. By the looks of it, it seems that the company does not have any plans to stop this teasing – at least for now.

The latest video advertisement runs for 32 seconds and we are sure that many of you are already itching to see what it is all about. For those curious souls among you, we have added the video below.

What we get to watch is a T-Mobile myTouch 4G girl saying “Not cool AT&T” to the iPhone 4 guy who steps out of the AT&T WiFi zone. The carrier has clearly aimed at AT&T again and the iPhone 4 FaceTime feature.

The company claims that its device to be the best in 4G in the whole of North America and once again has included all the usual sideswipes at the iPhone 4 and AT&T in the promotional video.

We are not sure how AT&T or Apple would react. Whatever be it, we have a duel out there waiting to happen. For us customers, we guess the video provides some whole some entertainment.

A must-watch, it indeed is. Just click on the play button to have a look and don’t forget to add your comments below.

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