Another Villain revealed in Marvel vs Capcom 3?

December 29, 2010, By Christian Davis

With the comic book tie in leak just surfacing yesterday we now have another page from the comic that suggests another character could be in the game.

The three pages(shown below) show several already confirmed characters. Magneto, The Hulk, Dr. Doom, Super Skrull, and MODOK are all present. The villains are all sitting at a table probably discussing some sort of evil scheme.

In the middle of their conversation, The Hulk walks into the room dragging something in his left hand. The whole comic so far has been in black and white, yet the character that he is dragging is in color. Almost to purposely show you who he’s dragging.

The character has an almost identical appearance to Spider-Man’s nemesis the Green Goblin. While the Taskmaster and Galactus  have not been confirmed,  but if this is suppose to be a comic tie in, it could just be a matter of time until we see another gameplay video for these characters.

Here are the pages below.

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