Verizon iPhone Rumors Escalade After Skype Documentation Gets Online

December 28, 2010, By Alex Ion

Yesterday we found out that Apple is said to have upped their Q1 2011 shipments for the iPhone 4 and that the CDMA version of the phone might be included in this batch, too.

While some would say that the CDMA iPhones are meant for China, rumors have it that they’ll go to North America instead — and who else, if not Verizon to sell them to their customers?

Well folks, we have more insinuations to make, as we’re hearing that Skype leaked some documentation on their site that promotes the Verizon iPhone.

The document is part of Skype’s FAQ and explains how to “make video calls with Skype for iPhone”. It has both the Skype logo and the Verizon logo — which could imply that the Verizon CDMA iPhone will become reality sometime very soon.

Yes, we know, it’s a bit stretched, as we heard so many rumors about this device so far. But you know Apple. That’s their game. Their game of making you want one so badly that when it’s out you’ll do everything to bring one home.

Just another rumor, or is it finally shaping up?

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