LG Mobile 3D TV to be Unveiled at CES 2011

December 28, 2010, By Leo Xavier

Yesterday, we had reported about LG’s plans to unveil the largest 3D-capable TV ever along with a portable 3D TV. So far there has been no confirmation about the entire features of the upcoming mobile 3D TV, but it is expected that the new device will make some heads turn at the upcoming CES.

The device comes with support for mobile ATSC broadcasts with glasses-free 3D, even at speeds of up to 200km/h (124mph).

Its screen has a filter that directs light to each eye and enables the illusion of depth to be seen when viewed from a certain position.

The company will demonstrate this technology at CES using a 7-inch digital album that utilizes a tiny receiver chip and 3D graphic accelerator chip. The device runs on LG2161R MDTV chip with NRT (Non-Real Time) technology.

The company has brought in the use of a chip that will also carry a data channel that can be used in smartphones or other devices.

We will let you know as soon as more info on the device is available. But, it is thought that after the demo next week in Vegas, the device will never be seen in the US again. We can wait and see.

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