iPad 2 to charm you with Apple magic soon: Specs, design, release date & features it could take from iPhone 4

December 28, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

It is the iPhone that is generally the more talked about Apple product, but all that seems to be changing fast in the past year or so. The Apple iPad is here and there is absolutely no denying that the stylish tablet has indeed made Steve jobs’ life an absolute heaven with its smashing success. People initially doubted the iPad and its appeal, but all that now has come to rest thanks to its incredible success that saw it as the top gadget on every social media and search engine around. So what can we expect from the next generation iPad?

There are rumors aplenty about iPad II and what it could have in store for us. Here is a look at all the news & rumors doing rounds regarding the next iPad. We will embrace some, debunk some and most importantly look at what we might get from a realistic perspective. Here is what we think the iPad 2 will most likely resemble…

High Pixel density retina Display:

The biggest fad going around is that everything that iPhone 4 has come out with in terms of novelty, the iPad 2 will adopt. More so, the features that proved popular and successful. One of those is the high pixel density retina display on the iPad. Increasing the iPhone 4 screens resolution to 326 PPI in terms of density was one thing, but really expecting that in iPad sized screen is just not happening anytime soon… Unless Apple got out on a limb and work incredibly hard for such high pixel density.
Verdict: Un-Jobs-Like

Dual camera for Video Calling:

This is far simpler as people have been clamoring for cameras on the iPad since it was announced way back. This will bring Apple’s FaceTime into play and that translates to revenue. With even Skype lining up a video calling app for iPad at CES 2011, we should see dual camera technology now incorporated in the iPad 2.
Verdict: Jobs-Like

Second Dock for Landscape Mode:

Apple did apply for a patent on this, but that might mean they might hold on to incorporate this feature maybe a year later as well! We are not so sure that a second dock is coming and while it would be nice to have, maybe Apple just are not yet up when it comes to getting this design to production. Could happen, but don’t hold your breath on it!
Verdict: Jobs is still thinking…

USB Port and SD Card Slot on iPad 2:

Forget about the SD Card Slot rumor right away. Apple has never put expandable memory on its devices and we have no reason to believe it will start now. The USB Port is also not going to happen since Apple really do not like to make their ‘exclusive stuff’ lot more common.
Verdict: Un-Jobs-Like

7-inch iPad 2:

Really? If this is coming out then we demand those sandpapers that Jobs is so fond of be supplied as well.
Verdict: Un-Jobs-Like for Sure

Flat Back Design for iPad 2:

The news behind this is that Apple top guys feel the curve is just not practical and they would like to have a flat-back on the iPad 2. That again is a pure rumor and there are many out there who love the curve as it gives the iPad a ‘futuristic’ look. While many are going the other way on this, we say that the old design stays.
Verdict: Un-Jobs-Like

Specs and Release Date:

The 256MB RAM will be doubled to the 512 MB RAM to make it feel like next-generation. Then the 2GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor is expected on the inside. The release date may not be made official, but the early 2011 release will most likely not happen. Apple has no necessity to push the iPad 2 release forward and hence expect it to come out exactly a year after the iPad was released- an April 2011 date is more close to accurate.

Hopefully that helps you get a far more realistic view of iPad 2. Not everything in the iPhone 4 that is new will turn up. But still, it will be something to really look forward to indeed!

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