Google Android Apps being downloaded at a rate of 103/sec with 200,000 on offer: Estimates put Android market ahead of Apple iOS & Windows Phone OS by 2014!

December 28, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

This is not official news coming in from Google themselves, as Google have neither confirmed nor denied the latest reports and stats floating around on the web. But it seems more or less on the mark as a recent Gartner Research report indicates that the Android App market is thriving and growing at a very fast pace. With the popularity of the Android platform and the freedom that it seemingly offers users, it is more than certain that it is here to stay and maybe even dominate the mobile OS market. But few would have predicted the rate at which the ascent to the top has started!

According to the research stats, there are 103 Android Apps being downloaded each second, even as we speak. That is a staggering number indeed, even if it is worldwide stat. We do not know the pace at which the iPhone apps are being taken up, but surely Android is not far off in the apps market anymore. While Apple has over 300,000 apps available, some indicate that Android has a combined of around 200,000 games and apps up.

Others though put the Android app number at a more conservative ‘over 100,000’ mark. But with the way things are going it might be just a few more years before we have Google Android taking over from Apple as the leader in the mobile OS market. Windows Phone OS and Palm seem to be distant third and forth in this war for Smartphone OS supremacy!

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