Google’s latest Android Music App leaked: Not as magical as imagined, but still comes with an appealing UI! (Leaked Video Inside)

December 28, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

So finally Android is getting a new look music player app. Well, we really did know about this a lot earlier, but the app that we talked about (thanks to what Google was trumpeting around) was this magical little thing that allowed you to download your favorite albums directly from the web and connected with your PC/laptop almost seamlessly. Now that Google’s Android music player app has found its way out longer before intended thanks to a leak, we get a chance to see all that first hand.

Or so we thought before the dreams came crashing down for all those with lofty expectations for the app. Make no mistake about it, it still seems pretty fine, the glitches in the UI will be sorted out before it is rolled out and it should make all Android users a bit happy as they have never received a music player app update since the launch of Android itself! But there is no wireless magic in this anywhere at all.

The clean and clear new UI along with its colorful backgrounds is not bad at all and if the rough product is polished out, it could be still pretty popular. While the leak itself has bugs, the app itself seems to have created varied opinion among Smartphone addicts. Some like it, others think it let them down, but no matter what everyone has an opinion. What is yours?

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