Top iPhone/iPad Weather Apps that will help you with travel and flight plans in current bad weather, snowfall & snowstorms!

December 27, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

It is the holiday season and people obviously have plans. Many are already on vacation, some are planning one over the weekend and there are others who would love to know what is on offer in terms of fun and party flavor come New Year. One major factor in all this, especially considering the current state of things, is the WEATHER. That is right folks, we got a Christmas that we ordered for up in the Northern parts of the globe this time, but it is just a bit whiter than we imagined.

It is snowing pretty hard in many areas with snowstorms predicted to be around the corner. Here are apps on your iPhone that should help you out when in need to know more regarding what heavens have in store for you…

World Aviation Weather ($3.99)

This is perfect for travelers across the globe with its database offering live weather updates of over 7000 airports across the globe apart from the detailed weather reports of areas and maps. You need not be a pilot to use this and its detailed nature makes it perfect for you indeed. If you want a serious iPhone/iPad weather App, this is it!

AccuWeather (Free)

This is one of the, if not the outright best, free iPhone weather app. Make sure you have it up this holiday season as it uses the very accurate Google maps and offers you detailed weather forecasts of locations. You can even store up to 15 favorite locations and the best part is that it offers warnings for severe weather like heavy snow or storms. You even get minute details such as air quality!

The Weather Channel (Free)

This will give you local weather, 10 day prediction and other weather details depending on your current position. Seems like you cannot really get a glimpse of any place on the planet on it by staying at home, but it still can be a priceless asset in warning you about imminent bad weather.

Weather+ Free (Free)

Another great Free App that allows you to access weather forecast as you move and all across the globe with 5-day predictions, accurate details, bad weather warnings and a lot more that come attached with lovely backgrounds that reflect the weather on offer.

Weather HD: Christmas Edition ($0.99)

For those who like high-quality HD videos of the predicted weather conditions along with the actual forecast, this is the app. You get all the details that any other weather forecast will offer, a chance to scope out how things are across the globe and those lovely HD videos that also seem to be rich on Christmas spirit.

The reason we picked 3 free apps is to ensure that you have at least one of it on so that you are aware before running into horrible snow-filled days. Not that all our readers are unaware of these apps, but hopefully a timely reminder will help someone out there stay away from freezing conditions and getting stuck in airports… Happy Holidays!

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