Sony Ericsson mystery handset running on Android spotted in the wild: Neither the Playstation Phone nor the rumored X12!

December 27, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Sony Ericsson seems to be on top of the news these days. In fact, since the advent of the news and leaked snapshots of the Playstation Phone have surfaced, we have had things being floated around and excitement generated. That seems pretty normal leading up into a new year, plenty of events scheduled and CES 2011 set to be in the spotlight. But what has just caught our eye is this mystery Sony Ericsson handset that is the first mobile from the company to be spotted running on Android OS!

So what is the handset and exactly what plans does Sony Ericsson have in store for this unknown entity? We are still left high and dry as we get no answers, but what we do get are some fascinating fact from the snapped up shots. First there is the obvious Android OS and by the time this mystery device comes out, it could be well running on Gingerbread.

Then there seems to be a mammoth 8 megapixel camera on the back and an equally huge HD camera on the front (Seems HD). So are we all set for HD video chat? Could be, but do not get your hopes too high on that. Then there is the Timescope UI that Sony has been talking about. At least it seems so by the look of it.

This mystery device seems to be associated with Vodafone Germany and while we are still fishing around for more details, Sony Ericsson seems to have some real treats planned for its users come 2011!

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