Samsung Galaxy S on Orange UK finally gets its Froyo update: Samsung & Orange frustrate users even as Nexus S sees Gingerbread on it!

December 27, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

If there is one thing that is causing plenty of frustration in Samsung’s customers across the globe, then it is regarding the updates that the company seems to roll out. Most often, they are outdated, late and by the time you do indeed get your latest update, it seems anything but ‘latest’. That is exactly what Samsung Galaxy S users are feeling right now, especially those on Orange in UK. They have just received their Froyo update and that seems rather too little and too late, for all those with the Galaxy S.

Obviously, something is indeed better than nothing, but when the entire planet is trying to get on with Gingerbread, the Galaxy S users are just getting in on the Froyo. The Android 2.2 update has come now only for the Orange UK users, as apparently the other carriers have rolled out the Froyo update much earlier.

Probably this is the reason why many of the Android fanboys are turning away from Galaxy S and are attracted to the likes of Nexus S. It seems the problem lies with the updates requiring both the maker and the carrier tweaking stuff to suit their devices and networks respectively. This is leading to an endless line-up of delays with software updates across the globe!

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