Kindle 3 is Amazon’s best selling product ever: Amazon ends up selling 13.7 million items on cyber Monday 2010!

December 27, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Yup, you have read that just right. Amazon’s third-generation Kindle is indeed the best selling product on Amazon of all time and if that surprises you, then we totally understand. But before being skeptical about the news and questioning the validity of the data one must remember that Amazon marketed their 3G-Kindle very aggressively and have priced it in a way where many were tempted to buy in on the deal. It has Android on it, a 7-inch screen and 3G… all adding up to a fine deal along with the great price that Amazon offered.

That said, it really is hard to come to terms with the fact that Kindle 3 is indeed the best selling product ever on the site; with all those hit CDs and DVDs included! Not doubting the fact, but we have just not seen so many of these around to really be all that convinced. More so, when the electronic item that came second caught our eye more and seems to be around everywhere- the Apple iPod Touch 3G.

Maybe everyone is just keeping the Kindle to the limits of their home. No matter what, the impressive number really is the 13.7 million items Amazon managed to sell on a single day; the Cyber Monday. That is 158 items/second… Merry Christmas indeed for Amazon and very Happy New Year!

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