HTC Mecha/Incredible HD Smartphone May Come Bearing Thunderbolt Name; Ad Hints at Possible Arrival of the Device

December 27, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

There has been talk of HTC’s planned Mecha mobile handset assuming the Thunderbolt name and arriving with 4G capabilities. But then confirmation never seemed anywhere near.  The latest we just stumbled upon is that the HTC Mecha, a.k.a. Incredible HD, will be offered by HTC under the Thunderbolt name.

The rumor comes courtesy of a new ad that has surfaced. Though there has been no official confirmation on whether it indeed is a HTC ad, the similarity to HTC’s way of putting things across makes people think it is one from the company. The ad which talks about ‘The first to 4G, again’ in fact drops a hint that it is HTC’s marketing line.

The web advertisement is however a bit ambiguous. Once you click on the ad, the page that opens is a broken one. We are almost sure its HTC’s page as the URL has the HTC branding on it. You can try that out here.

So what exactly is HTC trying to convey? Queries as to whether the HTC Thunderbolt is in the offing and will it ride the Verizon Wireless network still persist. We just wonder why HCT is observing that kind of a silence on that front.

We would like to see things get official. Who wouldn’t want to know of a HTC 4G device that would most probably arrive on Verizon? May be HTC is just waiting for CES to open to tell us more on that.

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