How to Make a Photo Album Slideshow

December 26, 2010, By Christian Cawley

The holiday period is a great time for taking photos and making memories that you can look back on later in the year. With a digital camera and the right software you can create a slideshow and watch as your memories are played back on your PC or TV.

However there are several things that you need to take into account before putting together a family slideshow, such as sourcing the images from your phone or camera, resizing them, and choosing an application with which to create your slideshow.

With Microsoft PowerPoint you can put all of these questions behind you – the application has a built in tool that allows you to easily create image galleries.

Create a photo album with PowerPoint

Creating Your PowerPoint Photo Slideshow

Using PowerPoint for your photo slideshow is remarkably easy, and gives great results – after all, a PowerPoint presentation can be saved in a variety of formats.

To begin, find the images that you wish to include and save them in a single folder on your PC. This will make the process easier having them all in one place rather than spending time browsing your PC for the right snap.

Once you have done this, launch PowerPoint 2010. On the Insert tab, go to Photo Album > New Photo Album, which will open a new box for you to begin adding images to the album.

Using the File/Disk… button you can begin browsing your PC for images, so find your way to the folder you created earlier and select all of the images in there. If there are any you don’t want to include, don’t worry, as these can be removed later on.

With the images added, they will be listed under Pictures in album. You can select each for a preview to be displayed in the next window, and use the orientation, contrast and brightness buttons under the preview to make any adjustments you feel are necessary. Select an image and use the Remove button to take it out of the album, and use the up and down arrows to rearrange the order in which the photos will be displayed. Click Update, and you have your own photo slideshow ready to view, either by pressing F5 or going to Slideshow > From Beginning.

Editing Your Photo Album

Insert > Photo Album > Edit Photo Album… will display options that will allow you to adjust how the slideshow is displayed.

One thing you might have noticed is that your images were all displayed at different sizes. If your image resolution will permit this, you can change the way in which the images are displayed in the Album Layout section. Using the Picture layout drop-down, use the Fit to slide option to maximise the image to the widest or tallest dimension of the slide (depending on the orientation of the image) or use any of the multi-image options. Note that in Fit to slide mode, no pictures can display captions.

With any option but Fit to slide mode, you can also select a Frame shape, such as Rounded Rectangle, and you can also add a Theme by using the Browse button.

Themes for photo albums are the same as those available for standard PowerPoint presentations, and can be applied by making a selection and clicking Update. If your theme will benefit, consider setting your Picture Options to ALL pictures black and white.

Finally, save your album in File > Save as and choose from a variety of file formats in the Save as type drop-down such as PowerPoint, PDF and Windows Media Video.

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