Skype outage sees interest in OoVoo spike up: Criticism flying in from Skype users as many jump ship

December 24, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

Skype’s loss is OoVoo’s gain and that is how business works. With Skype outage yesterday seeing millions of its users left in the dark, many seem to have turned to an alternative to ensure that they stay in touch with friends, families and business clients. What is the most deflating factor for Skype at this point of time is that their system has failed them at a time that is indeed the most important part of the year when it comes to usage of video calling and connecting with home- the holidays!

How would you feel when the service that you use on a daily basis to connect with your family and see their smiling faces fails during the all important holidays? The point that Skype needs to understand is that outage at this time will surely see people search ad skip over to alternatives. ‘OoVoo’ is just one of those and they have capitalized big time with December 22 seeing 100,000 new users signing up.

That according to the folk at New York based OoVoo is double the record for new users signing up in a single 24-hour period! Not something that Skype will be happy about, but should be very, very concerned about. Skype says that their supernode failure is now being rectified and they are 40% back to normal. But their client base might take a lot longer to get back to normal.

So do you still trust Skype to not fail come Christmas time? Or have you already jumped ship?

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