iPad 2 Specs leaked out as shipping is slated for January 2011: Price Details still unclear as Apple wants 6 million rolled out each month!

December 24, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

So what will the next generation of iPad look like? Nothing startling to be very honest and in some ways we are going to get an iPad that is supposedly a lot more practical than stylish. So, it is apparently functionality over form, but not by much. The iPad 2 will come 3mm smaller than the previous version with dimensions of 239mm X 186mm. While that should be a change that was expected, what will be different though is the change in the curved back.

Apple has just found the curved back on the iPad ‘impractical’ despite being attractive and hence is going for a flat back on the iPad 2. This will be similar to what you get on the iPod touch. While we would obviously love to get further details, it seems one will just have to wait around a bit more before Apple lets us all in.

While Foxconn is slated to begin shipping of the iPad 2 to Apple this January, expect Apple to hold on a bit longer before they give us the official glimpse. Apple apparently want 6 million iPad 2 units to be produced each month. That no doubt means Apple and Steve jobs have huge expectations for iPad 2… Something totally expected!

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