Samsung Epic 4G Android 2.2 Froyo Update a Day after Christmas

December 23, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung Epic 4G owners, here’s something that will excite you no end. An over the air update to Froyo is coming your way. Going by some leaked details, the OTA update to Android 2. Froyo is just round the bend – may be a day after Christmas, that is.

What has leaked is an official document (pictured) which details the Froyo update that is likely to arrive on December 26, a day after Christmas. Dubbed DL11, the update is expected to bring with it a slew of features, say the guys at PhoneArena who got hold of the leaked document.

So what all do we need to look for when the update arrives? The leaked document details the arrival of Flash 10.1 Player, improved Bluetooth device support and GPS enhancements.

If you remember, we had told you something about this update a few days ago.  From the latest details now out in the open, what we like the most about the impending update is the promised capability to store applications to an external device. Dot you think that’s going to be awesome?

The device is on Sprint in the US and it would take a while – around 8 minutes- for the update to download. Now don’t get excited when we say December 26th! The full arrival of the update might extend up to four days.

Wait till you get Froyo on your Samsung Epic 4G, at least till December 30th. Do not forget to tell us how it feels to flaunt Froyo on your Epic 4G.

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