Google Nexus S OTA Update Arrives, Just Days After Roll Out

December 23, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As you all know the Google Nexus S had hit US retail a few days ago and had followed up with an UK arrival a few hours ago. The exciting fact now is that Google has already brought in a new over the air update for the smart device.

If you are one of those lucky customers who have already started using your Nexus S, this would indeed brighten your spirits. Being offered in stages, the OTA update comes with many a feature. These include fixes to many a bug.

Bug fixes include solutions to browser lag issues that have been reported as plaguing the device. Besides, the update brings about a new map update too. We hear Google has also included a fix to the problem of blurry MMS, which many of the users had pointed out.

The OTA update that comes in just a few days after the roll out is seen as more than enough to cement Google’s commitment to customers. Users have already started receiving alerts as to the arrival of the update over the air and we believe many are a happy lot.

A small one this update is, but that doesn’t mean you needn’t rejoice. Less than 2Mb in size, the update could bring in only a handful of small tweaks to the phone.

However, we know you like it. Are you among those lucky ones to have got the alert? Tell us what you feel about it.

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