Google Doodle for Christmas Unveiled: Michael Lopez creates interactive holiday card that includes classics such as ‘Up on the housetop’!

December 23, 2010, By Shawn Wagnon

If you are a fan of the Google Doodle phenomenon, then no doubt Michael Lopez is your man. The guy has spent over six months in creating the latest interactive Google Doodle that the firm says is its ‘Holiday Card’. What stands out strikingly in the latest Doodle from Google is the fact that it celebrates holiday season with a spirit that brings the whole planet together.

The 17 interactive images were supposed to go up in a sequence that started today and ended on Christmas, but Google figured none would be online checking out Doodles on the 25th, so wisely decided to get it all up a couple of days ahead. This elaborate Doodle looks really awesome too covering Santa with ‘Up on the Housetop’ and goes global with Great wall of China, Classical Indian Dance forms, Venice, Middle East and a lot more. You name it and Michael Lopez has managed to integrate it in the Google Logo.

The Doodle integrates Google Colors and its logo beautifully and if you loved the previous Doodles, you will simple adore this one. From Sahara Desert to heights of Nepal, from Mt. Fuji to the Sydney Harbor, this one encapsulates the joy spread all across the planet and without deep religious overtones… It is just about one giant celebration!

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