AT&T Android Phones to Have Carrier Billing Support for Android Market Purchases

December 23, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you are an Android-powered smart handset user on the AT&T network, this piece of news is for you. Google has just made official that Android Market purchases will now have carrier billing support from AT&T.

With the new decision, AT&T will start supporting carrier billing for Android Market purchases. This will, thereby, mean that AT&T subscribers will not be required to manually enter their credit card information to buy apps using the standard Google Checkout process.

Google has made it known that the charges will be automatically added to the monthly cellular bill that will be sent to those AT&T subscribers who make purchases from Android Market.

Android smartphone users on the AT&T carrier network will be able to be part of this once they are open to an update. The service would bring to their phones a 15-minute refund window, new Market categories, and a larger size limit for apps.

The new decision makes AT&T the latest carrier to join the bandwagon of companies who have enabled carrier billing on Android handsets. The last one was T-Mobile, who had hopped on to the arena providing this service.

In the meanwhile, Google had been trying to bring in a maximum number of carrier billing partners for the summer season. However, tough luck seems to have made things move extremely slow as many a carrier has not been very forthcoming as to whether the new service could be integrated into their operations.

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