Sony PlayStation Phone to be Called the Xperia Play, Says Rumor

December 22, 2010, By Leo Xavier

Yesterday, we had reported that the upcoming and much-anticipated Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone would be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in February. Now, a rumor has given a name for the device. It appears that the gaming phone may be called the XPERIA Play.

Rumors and leaked pictures of the PlayStation handset have been flying around in all the tech sites for quite sometime. The latest rumor comes from a collection of new domain name registrations that the company has claimed.

Sony Ericsson has been purchasing some new domain names, and it appears that the company has been buying as many ‘Xperia Play’ domain names as it can get its hands on.

The name Xperia Play certainly seems to be a viable name for the upcoming device as Xperia is Sony’s brand of Android powered phones.

But the name could also be the name of the gaming distribution platform that the phone will use. Xperia Play also appears to be a fine name for a game store.

The company is expected to announce something related to the PlayStation Phone at CES next month, where it is holding a major press conference. And we will be covering it for you, so make sure to check this space.

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