Kindle eReader Sales Touch 8 Million; But Why is Amazon Not Revealing Official Numbers?

December 22, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Is anyone willing to attempt a guess on how many Kindles have Amazon sold as of date? The company has preferred to keep numbers under wraps, unlike Apple and Samsung who go the whole hog to announce the number of their sold devices. Even after so many months, Amazon isn’t forthcoming on that, and we don’t know why.

However, speculative estimates have been running riot as to how many Kindles have been shipped to customers. Some numbers we managed to get hold of reveal that as many as 8 million Kindle eReaders have now changed hands. That is the figure for the whole of 2010.

The number doesn’t astonish us, as we believe that the Kindle eReader has been a popular device ever since launch. Also, price wise the Kindle eReader had been selling cheap for some time in between.

While rival iPad has also been popular as much, the Amazon Kindle’s 2011 estimates are also enticing. It is being reported that Apple will make the most of the holidays to bring a 10-million sales figure on record by the end of 2010. Amazon in the meantime might take a more serious look at 2011.

There are speculations that eReader prices might even drop to sub-$100 levels making sales zoom. Also, the advent of color eReaders could take the numbers even higher.

We still wonder why Amazon stays quiet on the numbers even after having such fancy sales to boast of.

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