How to Use Cut, Copy & Paste in Word 2010

December 22, 2010, By Christian Cawley

It is almost impossible to write a Microsoft Word document without resorting to the copy and paste functions. Enabling you to paste text and images from other documents and web pages, these tools also allow you to radically restructure any document you have written by simply moving a few sentences around and adding a few more words.

With copy and paste you have a powerful set of tools at your disposal – however the copy and paste functions as found in Microsoft Word 2010 are only the default functions. Further investigation of the software will reveal that these standard functions can be altered, providing you with more options that you might feel are more usable.

Advanced cut, copy and paste options in Word 2010

Basic Copy and Paste Tools in Microsoft Word 2010

On the Home tab in Microsoft Word 2010 you will find the Clipboard section, home to the copy and paste tools.

After selecting text in your document, you can use the scissors icon to Cut your selection, the two sheets of paper icon to Copy your selection and paint brush (Format Painter) icon to paste text while retaining the same formatting as the source selection.

Meanwhile you also have the Paste button with its default action of pasting the originating formatting as well as the options:

  • Keep Source Formatting
  • Merge Formatting
  • Keep Text Only

Further options include Paste Special…, a tool that allows you to paste in a preselect format such as HTML, rich text, etc, while the Clipboard opens up a list of items currently held that you can use to drop into your document.

This is particularly useful if you have regular terms or names that you don’t wish to type regularly, and can also be used to insert photographs and other repeated images. To insert an item to paste, simply select it from the Clipboard. You’re also able to Paste and Delete items from the Clipboard pane using the drop-down arrow that will appear.

Don’t forget the traditional shortcuts for using copy and paste:

  • CTRL + C – copy
  • CTRL + X – cut
  • CTRL + V – paste

Remember, you don’t have to copy and paste text. Images that you have added via the Insert tab can also be viewed on the Clipboard.

Advanced Copy and Paste Tools

For anyone who regularly copies text from a Word document into another application (such as a web page form) and gets frustrated with the pasted selection retaining the original formatting (including all of the normally hidden Word document markup which provides the layout and font options), advanced settings exist which can be used to configure how the formatting is copied.

These settings can be accessed via Home > Clipboard > Paste > Set default paste… > Cut, copy, and paste or File Options Advanced > Cut, copy, and paste.

With these settings you can specify how to paste text between documents, within a single document and from other programs allowing you to retain the source formatting, apply the formatting of the destination document or simply paste in the raw text.

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