Elliptic Labs’ Touchless Gesture User Interface Marries Kinect Features with Tablets; Heads for CES

December 22, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Ever wondered what will come about when you marry Kinect features with an iPad? No jokes, folks!  Elliptic Labs is doing just that – well almost. The Touchless Gesture User Interface technology derived by Elliptic Labs lets you control iPad functionalities with just hand movements and gestures. These hand gestures are exactly similar to what you do with your Microsoft Kinect.

It isn’t just the Apple iPad you can control – you can do it with any tablet of any make. The initiative is gearing up for a CES showcase.

Tech buffs at Elliptic Labs have, in fact, created a ‘touchless’ zone by incorporating ultrasound  and that would make you play just about a foot in front of the of the iPad’s display.

Ideal for users who would want to not touch and use the tablet while in the midst of some other work (may be in the kitchen or so), the new initiative helps you to just gesture using a finger on the screen to put your tablet to play.

You will be able to surf through ages or features of the tablet with hand movements, and speed movements are also possible. You can pause or play anything on the tablet just by the gestures.  All you will need is a simple app to run on the tablet to make it dance to your gestures.

We had a sneak peek of the venture in Berlin at the IFA last September. Now, the full features will be on show at CES. Aren’t you excited?

You said seeing is believing? We agree. Watch the video below:

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