The World of Hunted: The Demon’s Forge

December 20, 2010, By Christian Davis

Bethesda just released Fallout: New Vegas and they still have two more block busters on the way. One of which is their co-op based action adventure game Hunted: Demon’s Forge.

Gamers will play as the warrior Caddoc and huntress E’lara as they travel through enchanted forests, tarnished cities, and ancient dungeons. The world of Hunted is dark, gloomy, and dangerous. What once use to be a lively world is now smothered in evil.

The video displays many of the areas that you’ll see in the game. If Gears of War was based in a jungle, this is what you can expect to see. Highly detailed locales with foliage and destroyed buildings surrounding Caddoc and E’lara.

If you love cooperatively based action adventure games with puzzles, tough enemies, and great environment, this is the game for you.

Check out the trailer below.

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