T-Mobile HSPA+ is Indeed 4G Technology; ITU Nod Adds Muscle to Carrier

December 20, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

In case you were one of those who have been dismissing T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network as nowhere near 4G, you will now have to do a rethink. The carrier had been touting its HSPA+ network as a 4G network, but not all were willing to give the nod.

The ITU has finally lifted the veil and recognized that HSPA+ will be considered a 4G network amongst its LTE and Wimax peers. Good for T-Mobile customers, don’t you think?

With ITU (International Telecommunications Union) having okayed the T-Mobile HSPA+ network as 4G, the carrier has something to cheer about.

Competing carriers such a Sprint and Verizon had been having a field day promoting their WiMAX and LTE networks as 4G tech, though T-Mobile had been against such a campaign. Now, with ITU giving the nod, the carrier is set to be back in the 4G reckoning.

ITU has said that the HSPA+ will be considered as a 4G network for the reason that it can be applied to evolved 4G technologies and could offer substantial improvement in performance and capabilities as compared with the current 3G levels.

So that makes T-Mobile strong enough to go for the kill. The carrier is now expected to bring on the battle with an enhanced performance network, and sneer at Sprint and Verizon who it has always been attacking.

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