Palm Pre 2 CDMA Phone Leaks on eBay; For a Short While Though

December 20, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It seems like the Palm Pre 2 CDMA phone is just round the bend. Though there hasn’t been any official info on the release date, the phone’s brief cameo on eBay has triggered talk of the device arriving soon.

Though the eBay appearance happened, it ended too in a matter of minutes as the device was pulled off the auction site. The CDMA Palm Pre 2, expected to hop on to the Verizon carrier network, made this mysterious appearance on eBay under the name Palm Pre Plus, and in fact attracted bids of up to $46 just before being yanked off the site.

So does that mean the device is coming soon? While the debut may be impending, no one wants to believe that Verizon will release the Palm Pre 2 in time for Christmas.

May be we will have to wait for a glimpse of the device when CES opens at Las Vegas in January. We just hope.

From what we know of the device, it is still in testing stages at Palm. The  CDMA variant of the Pre 2 appearing on eBay – though for a short while – is mysterious to the core. Will Palm or Verizon have anything to say on that slip.

We would love to see the device at CES. How about you?

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