Google Delays Launch of Google TV Products

December 20, 2010, By Leo Xavier

As you might remember, the first batch of Google TVs was shipped in October, under a deal between Google and Sony. And Sony and Logitech are still the only manufacturers shipping the devices. More companies were expected to launch their versions of the system at the upcoming CES. Now it appears that Google has asked several of its Google TV partners to delay their rollouts.

It seems that Google is struggling in the crucial first phase of its entry into the tricky and unfamiliar realm of consumer electronics.

If you are someone who is into technology, you must already know that Google TV certainly needs some work. Early reviews of the device have been awful.

A week ago, Google had issued a blog post that announced software updates to its TV platform. The update was said to bring better tools for watching movies and TV shows via Netflix and a remote control app built for smartphones running Android software.

Toshiba, LG and Sharp were expected to show off their versions of the Google TV at the CES that starts on January 5.

But Google has apparently asked the manufacturers to delay their unveiling, so that the search giant can fix the software. This has come as a surprise to the manufacturers.

Due to the request from the internet giant, the new manufacturing partners have supposedly shelved their plans to showcase their products in the coming month and will have to wait until the software is fixed to come with more capabilities and maybe has more network support.

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