Google +1 Social Networking to Bring in Many-User Video Chat Feature

December 18, 2010, By Leo Xavier

Google’s own version of social networking, being lined up as Google’s +1 (Last time we heard about it, it was called Emerald Sea), will be unique due to the fact that large-scale video chat will be one of its core elements of attraction.

The grapevine has it that the new upcoming service will have over 12 simultaneous participants at once and may be tied into the loops, or social groups, inherent to the service.

The chat system is said to work by using multiplexing that avoids duplicating data and conserves network resources.

We are not yet sure whether the video chat feature could be accessed through the iPhone app. But the growing popularity and significance of the facility would make this more probable.

The new service would point to other features too and that Google may have more advanced plans for the iPhone, and presumably Android, than just basic messaging and sharing.

Whatever be the features, Google fans hope they will be offered with a social network which is much secure and maintains user privacy. It is expected to become a rival for Facebook, the most dominant social networking site.

It is said that at this stage Google +1 appears in the form of a toolbar that exists across many of Google’s services. It is also being said that the network works with Chrome web browser. At the same time it is rumored that it is powered by a chrome extension.

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