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December 18, 2010, By Christian Cawley

There are many expensive and inexpensive audio editors available for Windows. You might have an expensive professional tool like Adobe Audition, or perhaps something open source like Audacity. Both can perform the same basic tasks, and while Audition adds many layers of functionality, Audacity remains a popular choice for basic, low-level editing such as compiling a podcast or other recording.

However more and more apps are moving online, from Microsoft Office Web Apps to photography tools and now it is possible to ignore tools like Audigy in favour of a web-based alternative, like Myna.

Featuring clip editing, automation, effects, the ability to import and export and even collaborate with other users, this amazing web app is one of a family of web-based creativity applications.

Get started with Myna by heading over to and signing up to use this audio editing tool.

Basic audio editing with Myna

Aviary Sign-up Options

With Aviary, you have access to more than just the Myna audio editor:

  • Phoenix – the image editor
  • Toucan – a colour editor
  • Peacock – an effects editor
  • Raven – vector editor
  • Falcon – image markup
  • Roc – music creator

Evidently this is a very powerful web based suite of tools, and you can access them by signing up with a brand new account or linking a Twitter, Facebook or Google account to the service. Once you have done this, head to Audio Editor link on the right sidebar to launch Myna.

Get Started With Myna Audio Editor

The first thing you will see in the new window is a list of 10 tracks in the top portion of the screen. These can be used to hold the sound data that you will add in order to compile a finished sound file.

In the lower portion of the screen, you will see that you are being asked to agree to some terms and conditions. This will give you access to some very useful loops and samples that can be used in creating an audio project, so agree to this. Four sections will then be available for you to search for clips and samples:

Quantum Tracks – a massive selection of audio clips, intros, outros and loops that you can use to build a track from the ground up

Aviary – this is the section into which you will import your own tracks, which might exist as clips on your PC already or which you might record and upload later

Roc Beats – a searchable database of drum loops for you to add to your audio project

SoundCloud – an amazing selection of in progress or saved projects on Myna that you can listen to.

Basic Audio Editing Functions

Before you begin a project, you should be aware of the basic controls on the web based audio editor.

First of all, below the menu, is the transport bar, which can be dragged to any point in the project.

Above this to the right is the zoom in and zoom out tools, the Edit button, the Select button and the Scroll button. These can be used for dragging samples to different positions in the tracks, selecting tracks and samples and scrolling through the project.

On the left-hand side you will have the 10 tracks. Each of these has a title bar, Solo, Mute and Auto buttons, a balance dial and a volume control. When adding a sample to a track it is important to label the track; for instance you might keep drum and bass samples in the same track.

Finally at the bottom of the project window you will see the Library and Imported buttons. Library will expand the project window into the space taken up by the Quantum Tracks and other tabs, while Imported will display files that you have imported on the right-hand side. To the right of these buttons in the centre of the menu are the standard play/rewind/forward/ buttons; while on the right is the Record button.

This is just an overview of the basic features available in Myna.

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