Sega ‘Toylets’ Lets You Play Mini-Games Even as You Pee!

December 17, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

They are calling it Toylets and it’s a bunch of games!  Before you get weird ideas,  it marks the return of Sega Corporation, of Japan, to console gaming. Wonder what the game maker is doing with this come back edition? It’s all about playing games in a urinal!

We are not joking! Sega has readied the video game console in the form of a pressure sensor placed inside the porcelain hull of a public urinal. And,  when you answer the call of nature, you also exert pressure by way of a stream of urine aimed at the sensor serves.

These, in fact, are your game controls and will display your game moves on a display in the wall above the urinal.

The gaming company has readied 4 mini games as part of Toylets. While the Manneken Pis records the pressure of urine and measures how much how much liquid was urinated, the Graffiti Eraser puts to play a stream of urine to control a hose that washes graffiti off a wall.

So all you have to do is to let the your urine stream have some power! More pressure means more graffiti erased.

Here’s comes a naughty one!  Sega has named this mini game “North Wind and Her’. The more pressure you give to your urine stream would mean the mini skirt of a girl billow higher. The stronger the stream, the harder the wind blows.

The fourth mini game  can be played in multiplayer mode. Called ‘Milk from Nose’, the sumo-type game can have two characters blow milk out of their noses to push the other out of the ring. Pushing the opponent out of the urinal decides the winner.

Check out the images posted alongside and you will know Sega is fast developing custom made urinals to create Toylets out of toilets.

Now tell us are you really going to play these games?

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