NEC LifeTouch Dual-screen Android Tablet Ready for CES 2011 Showcase

December 17, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It’s the season of Android tablets. Or it seems so. Adding to its line up of slates, NEC is ready with its upcoming dual-screen Android tablet bearing the LifeTouch branding.  We expect to se the device at CES 2011.

The tablet is expected to be rolled out with a couple of 7-inch touchscreens. NEC is also throwing in capabilities that support WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity.

Further still, the dual screen means that both displays will have different information and that is something that would come in handy for multi-tasking professionals.

We are yet to find out whether the dual-screen device will come sporting resistive or capacitive touchscreens.

Also, under wraps is the Android version that the company has chosen for its LifeTouch slate.

When the Consumer Electronics Show opens at Las Vegas in a few days, the NEC LifeTouch will be one tablet that could be watched by potential customers.

In the meantime, parent nation Japan has already zeroed in on what service providers to choose. The company is also set to push the device via various business segments who use eReaders.

The earlier LifeTouch (pictured alongside) model that NEC had made official in Tokyo this November is almost similar to this upcoming device. However, the earlier device had sported a single 7-inch touch screen .

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