Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Connector Software Update for Mac Now Available

December 17, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It is common knowledge that Mac-owning Win Phone 7 fans have been subject to irritating bug attacks. Microsoft seems to have woken up to that and has finally released a new version of its Windows Phone 7 connector software for the Mac. Complete with a slew of bug fixes, the new update ushers in a variety of additional features too.

The 7.6MB strong update has in itself fixes that enable performance upgrades, better handling of photos with Apple’s iPhoto 11 and more. It also addresses successfully the complaint from fans who had been annoyed by the fact that AAC or MP4 files don’t play on the phone.

Microsoft believes that the update is a critical one indeed, so do we. A new device setup experience is now yours and you can also put the new update to play when it comes to syncing purchased audio content from the device.

These apart, the update also brings in features that would enable you to let your device supports manual import from device, delete from device and preview.

Photos can now be organized by iPhoto event and  video preparation can be enhanced. It has also brought in user friendliness in pin locking and unlocking the device. Other fixes include improved meta data transfer settings and remote iTunes installations.

It is learnt that initial device update support has been included in beta 2 and that gets disabled when there are no available updates.

You can now get the new update by hitting the Microsoft AutoUpdate app.

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