Make Your Own Soundboard “On the Fly”

December 17, 2010, By Christian Cawley

Soundboards are great tools for anyone wishing to have quick access to regularly used sound effects. For instance you might be running an internet radio station or recording a podcast, and employing a soundboard to give you fast access to effects is a great way to save time in preparation and help the recording or broadcast to go by without a hitch.

There are several ways in which you can make your own soundboard. The most common method originally was to put sound clips in a folder and create hyperlinks to them in a HTML web page; however this was soon succeeded by the more effective Flash method, something that is very easy to achieve.

However both of these custom methods have now been superseded by advances in Flash and rich web content. Thanks to a single website you can now upload your own sound clips and organise them on a soundboard at

Make your own soundboard with

How It Works

At its most basic, a soundboard is a web page with links that play sound clips. These might be jingles or phrases; most commonly soundboards are used by fans of popular games, movies and websites as a novelty. allows you to upload a sound clip and assign a button and label for that clip. You can then organise buttons in your own profile so that you always have “instant” access to fast-playing clips. The reason why the clips are fast is partly due to the speed of your internet connection and partly because they play through the browser rather than your media player, and this is all thanks to the use of SWF (previously known as Shockwave Flash).

Upload Sound Clips to MyInstants

Creating a soundboard with MyInstants is simple. You might want to head over to first of all to play with the public options. Watch out you don’t get Rick’rolled…

Once you have got to grips with the system – which is pretty easy as all you need to do is click a button for the clip to play – head to the top-right for the Log in link. This will take you to the Login/Registration page where you will need to sign-up to use the website. An email address is required – once you have entered all of your details head to your email account to click the confirmation link and activate your account, and login.

Using the Add instants to my home option you can select from the various pre-prepared “instants”, so if you spotted something you liked earlier, this is the place to add it into your home area. These choices range from Star Wars to The Simpsons, and include the popular “rimshot” drum and cymbal sound.

To create your own “instants”, you will need to us the Create a new instant link. First of all, give your “instant” button a name, and then Browse your PC for the sound clip you want to use. Finally choose a colour for the button; this might be a colour associated with the clip. For instance if you uploaded a sound clip from The Simpsons, you might choose yellow as the colour of your button. When you’re done, click Create, and voila, your own soundboard!

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