Google Honeycomb is Android 2.4; to be Launched in Feb 2011, Says Rumor

December 17, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

As far as rumors and leaks are concerned Gingerbread is over. Now it’s the time to turn to Honeycomb.  Going the same way like the early rumors around Gingerbread, Honeycomb is in the  “if it is 3.0 or 2.’x’ ?” stage in the land of rumor mills.

But a majority in this debate stuck to the point that Honeycomb is nothing but Android 3.0. Well, we have got another side of the story here.

Certain sources strongly argue that Honeycomb won’t touch the 3.0 figure but will be a cute 2.4. It is difficult to change the already set expectations. But we do that always when it is about Android updates, right?

The guys who tell this story, dared to put before us a possible launch date for this new update.  The rumor says that Honeycomb will be launched at a grand ceremony at the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona, Spain.

That puts it somewhere around mid-February. Well, we are nothing but skeptical about this date since it stands very close to the Gingerbread which was launched just a week ago.

But the way Google churn out new versions and the way it number them makes it really a risky business for guess work magicians. So we don’t know yet, whether the latest rumor is anything to believe.

Well, we are waiting for more details from our news holes. If we get any detail, we will be updating you here. By that time, just keep your mind well prepared to face it, if Honeycomb is not 3.0 but just 2.4.

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