Xbox Live Demo of Gray Matter Now Available in Europe

December 16, 2010, By Leo Xavier

By this time, you may have heard from people about the adventurous game Gray Matter from Jane Jensen who brought to us the memorable Gabriel Knight. Well, the news is that Xbox users can have a playable Xbox Live demo to see how things have changed with Jensen these days.

The storyline of the new game sounds really mysterious. Strange things happen in the English university city of Oxford, where mysterious Dr. Styles tries to contact with his recently passed away wife.

When he suddenly meets with Samantha, a magician, the pair set off their expedition to solve the mysterious puzzles of the city. When you join them, you get an outstanding gaming experience with challenging situations and unlimited mystery puzzles.

The Xbox Live demo is not available in all regions, most bizarrely in the US. However, players in Ireland, Austria, Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, France and United Kingdom can get the Xbox Live demo.

Well, if you are the one who likes only the multi-barrel rocket launchers and high-risk combat games, this may not be the stuff for you. It is meant for those who love trying a different sort of game full of adventure and mysterious puzzles.

Well, the demo is free, so try once if you like. Those who are enchanted with the story line but not on Xbox can get a PC demo of Gray Matter here. The PC version of the game in English is set to hit shops in February 2011. By that time, you have enough time to try these demos.

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